Wedding Reception Venue Brisbane

Benga Box offers a unique wedding reception venue in Brisbane, suitable for more relaxed weddings and wedding receptions or for the bride and groom searching for something a little different. The venue features a state-of-the-art music system and is decorated with music memorabilia, combining vintage nostalgia with modern flair.

With flexible catering arrangements and a large open space with indoor and outdoor areas, the Benga Box Wedding Reception Venue gives you the flexibility to create whatever ambience fits the theme of your wedding. It’s not uncommon for upcoming brides and grooms to throw a surprise wedding under the pretence of an engagement party, saving money and eliminating all that pre-wedding stress. Our unique venue is open until 3.00am.

BYO Wedding Reception Venue Brisbane

Benga Box is a BYO Wedding Reception Venue, which is great because it saves you money and allows you to craft your beverage menu however you like. You are very welcome to bring in outside beverage suppliers, mobile bars and wait staff to add a sophisticated touch to your wedding reception.

Alternatively, Benga Box has mobile serving tables with ice boxes which can be positioned throughout the venue and decorated in your wedding theme. We also supply a large drinks fridge to keep all your BYO drinks cold. You may like to explore our Party Partners for beverage specialists and wait staff.

Unique Wedding Reception Venue

Benga Box is quite a unique wedding reception venue with its industrial warehouse feel, music memorabilia, indoor and outdoor spaces, awesome music system, and more. All the basics are there: all you need to do is style it to suit your wedding theme.

There is plenty of free street parking available for guests who choose to drive and ample space to bring in food vans for catering purposes. The large-screen TV is perfect for displaying photos of the bride and groom or for streaming music videos. You can also decorate the DJ Booth with engagement photos of the bride and groom.

Music for Your Wedding Reception

At Benga Box, the ambience of your wedding reception can be beautifully enhanced through carefully selected music tailored to each phase of the celebration. As guests arrive and await the ceremony, the elegant sounds of a string quartet could set a romantic tone or perhaps a curated playlist of soft, classical music playing through the sound system. While guests mingle and offer congratulations after the ceremony, light, upbeat tracks can help create a relaxed and joyful atmosphere. During dinner, a selection of soothing background music will allow for comfortable conversation and dining. For the bridal dance, consider adding a twist by choosing a funky beat that complements the retro dance floor, inviting everyone to join in the celebration. Finally, as the evening progresses, shift to a vibrant, energetic playlist that will have guests dancing the night away, celebrating the bride and groom’s new chapter together with memorable enthusiasm.

The DJ booth, included with your venue rental at Benga Box, is perfectly set up to help you create an unforgettable atmosphere for your wedding day.

Elevate your wedding experience with Crowd DJ. This innovative feature allows guests to choose their favourite tracks from our nightlife playlist via the free CrowdDJ App and interactive kiosk at the venue. Feel free to bring your personal touch by connecting your own playlist or device via Bluetooth to our sound system, ensuring your party sounds exactly as you imagined.

Self Catering for Wedding Reception Venue Brisbane

Self-Catering for Wedding Receptions

Self-catering for your wedding reception at the Benga Box venue is very flexible, allowing you to bring in your own food using our amenities, or bring in outside caterers and event specialists to take care of all the catering needs for you. The mood can be casual or formal, depending on how you set up the seating arrangements.

The Benga Box venue is particularly suited to a more casual style of dining while keeping a sophisticated feel. Think charcuterie boards, canapes, champagne and cocktails, craft beer, vintage food carts and tasty finger food. The benefit of this style of dining is that it allows you more time to mingle with your guests. If you prefer a more formal seating arrangement with a sit-down menu, you are free to bring in outside event planners and caterers.

Retro Dance Floor Hire for Wedding Receptions

Benga Box’s Retro Dance Floor hire brings a unique and delightful twist to your wedding reception, offering the perfect backdrop for a one-of-a-kind bridal dance. Exclusive to Benga Box, this vibrant feature elevates your venue with a touch of nostalgic flair. Comprising twelve individual panels, each measuring 1m x 1m, the dance floor can be arranged into a spacious 2m x 6m configuration. This sizable, vintage-inspired dance area lends itself to the bride and groom designing a special wedding dance that echoes the retro theme, ensuring the celebration stands out. The dance floor not only adds visual appeal but also creates a dynamic atmosphere where guests can enjoy unforgettable moments, making your wedding a truly memorable event.

Dance Floor Hire for Wedding Reception Venue Brisbane

Photo Booth Hire for Wedding Receptions

Adding a photo booth to your Benga Box wedding reception is a fantastic way to capture the joy and uniqueness of your special day. A number of photo booths are available for hire at this distinctive venue. The photo booth offers a playful and interactive element, encouraging guests to snap candid, fun photos. These instant snapshots serve as immediate and cherished mementos, allowing everyone to take home a piece of the celebration. Equipped with a variety of props and backgrounds that align with Benga Box’s unique aesthetic, the photo booth not only enhances the festive atmosphere but also provides a personal touch, giving your guests an unforgettable experience and a lasting reminder of the joyous occasion. Ask Us About Photo Booth Hire.

Decorative Frame Hire for Wedding Receptions

Transform your wedding at Benga Box into a magical and unforgettable event with our exquisite decorative party arches and circles. The SpectraArch, tailored to the colour scheme of your special day, creates a captivating entrance or focal point. Picture yourself walking down the aisle under a stunning archway adorned with your favourite flowers and enveloped by a cascade of colourful balloons, setting a romantic and enchanting scene.

No matter your wedding theme, the SpectraArch or Circle adds an extraordinary touch to your celebration, making every moment feel even more special. Frame your wedding cake or add a selfie wall to elevate your wedding in style with these beautiful, customisable features, ensuring your day is nothing short of spectacular.

Decorations for Wedding Reception Venue Brisbane
Catering for Wedding Reception Venue Brisbane

Party Partners for Wedding Receptions

Take advantage of one of our party partners for your wedding reception.

Some options available include beverage specialists and wait staff, mobile bars and casual dining options.

Some of our party partners have unique food trucks that look great at our venue. 

Food trucks can easily be set up in our outdoor area or at the main entrance.

Ask Us For Details

How Far In Advance Should I Book a Wedding Reception Venue?

When planning your wedding reception, booking your venue early is crucial, especially for celebrations during peak times of the year. We recommend securing Benga Box as soon as you have a date in mind, especially if you’re aiming for a weekend slot during busy seasons like spring or early summer. However, if your schedule is flexible, consider hosting your event midweek or on a Sunday. These days often require shorter lead times and can be just as festive and memorable. Opting for a midweek or Sunday date not only increases the likelihood of venue availability but also may provide more flexibility in arranging details with caterers, decorators, and entertainment, allowing you to create a stunning celebration at Benga Box with potentially less stress and more savings.

How To Book Your Wedding Reception Venue Brisbane

Booking your wedding reception venue at Benga Box is a breeze with our user-friendly online booking system. Simply search for available dates to find the one that suits your celebration. Once you’ve chosen your date, fill out the online form to secure your booking. Additionally, you can enhance your reception by reserving extra features like an illuminated dance floor or decorative frames for a stunning photo wall.

If you wish to view the venue before making your decision, we welcome you to contact us to schedule a visit. This way, you can ensure that the Benga Box meets all your expectations for your special day.

Security For Your Wedding Reception

Security for your wedding reception is optional unless you have more than 150 guests. If you would like to hire a security guard, simply choose this option when booking. You can also add this option at a later date.

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Getting to your Wedding Reception at Benga Box

Getting to your wedding reception at Benga Box is easy, with multiple transport options available.

Wedding Reception Venue Brisbane
Getting To Benga Box Wedding Reception Venue

By Car

Receptions at Benga Box are easily accessible by car, with plenty of free street parking available. The Warehouse Wedding Reception Venue is located in Stafford and is approximately a 16-minute drive from Brisbane City via either the Airport Link Tunnel or Kelvin Grove Road.

If arriving from the North, access is easy via Gympie Road or Webster Road. From the south, simply follow the M3 to the Stafford Rd Exit. If you have visitors flying in for your 18th Party, the drive from the airport to the venue takes just over 10 minutes via the Airport Link M7.

Drop Off Area

Party guests can conveniently be dropped off and picked up at the main entrance to the venue, which is accessible directly from the street. The wedding reception venue is a secure, gated venue.

Designated Driver

If you plan on having a few cocktails or drinks at our Benga Box Wedding Reception Venue and intend to drive, we recommend that you arrange a designated driver who will not consume alcohol. 

Parking is available close to the venue.

By Rideshare/Taxi

The Benga Box Wedding Reception Venue is easily accessible through Rideshare services such as Uber or Taxi. Many of our patrons get dropped off and catch an Uber home.

By Public Transport

Some public transport to Benga Box is available. The closest train station is Wilston Station, which has bus connections from there. Please be advised that public transport does not extend all the way to the venue, so some walking will be involved. Guests are advised to plan their journey carefully. Public transport may not be available at the conclusion of the event, especially if it finishes late.

Wedding Reception Venue Brisbane
Gated Warehouse Venue