Hen’s Night Party Venue Brisbane

Hen’s Night Party Venue Brisbane

Benga Box is the ideal venue for a unique and unforgettable Hen’s Night in Brisbane. Girls just want to have fun, especially before the big wedding day, and Benga Box creates the perfect setting for such a celebration. Traditionally, a Hen’s Night is a ladies-only party, and in modern times, it has evolved into a cherished rite of passage for brides-to-be.

Our venue offers a safe and private space where the bride, her bridesmaids, and all the ladies can let their hair down and kick off their dancing shoes. With options like our illuminated dance floor and various entertainment choices, Benga Box ensures every guest can party the night away in style, making it the ultimate destination for a Hen’s Night that will be talked about for years to come. Our unique venue is open until 3.00am.

BYO Hen’s Night Party Venue Brisbane

Benga Box is the ultimate BYO venue for a Hen’s Night that combines elegance with a personal touch. Embrace the freedom to bring your own bubbles, cocktails, espresso martinis, or jelly shots and craft an evening that reflects the bride’s tastes and preferences. To elevate the experience further, consider engaging a specialist beverage provider who can offer sophisticated drink services, ensuring each glass poured adds a touch of class to your celebration.

Complement the drinks with charming vintage food vans, which not only enhance the ambience but also provide delicious, stylish fare for all to enjoy. With its blend of flexible BYO options, unique warehouse setting and music memorabilia, Benga Box stands out as a prime choice for a BYO Hen’s Night that’s both personalised and memorable.

Hen's Night Party Venue
Hen's Night Party Venue

Unique Hen’s Night Party Venue

Benga Box offers a one-of-a-kind setting for a Hen’s Night, making it an exceptional choice for those seeking a venue with character and versatility. Nestled in a warehouse location, it features a raw, industrial vibe that provides a chic, unconventional backdrop for celebrations. The venue is adorned with mirrors everywhere, amplifying the space’s edgy aesthetic and ensuring that every angle is perfect for those glamorous group photos.

A state-of-the-art DJ booth and access to the Crowd DJ App allow guests to personalise their music experience, creating a playlist that keeps the party going all night. Beyond its stylish decor, Benga Box prioritises privacy and safety, making it an ideal space for an intimate, ladies-only gathering. With BYO options and flexible catering arrangements, you can tailor every detail, from the cocktails to the cuisine, ensuring the Hen’s Night is as unique as the bride-to-be.

Music for Your Hen’s Night Party

For a Hen’s Night at Benga Box, the music and ambience are tailored to guarantee an unforgettable celebration. Our DJ booth sets the stage for either a professional DJ to spin the night away or for guests to take over with their own curated playlists. The integration of the Crowd DJ App, with interactive QR codes scattered throughout the venue, allows everyone to contribute to the party’s soundtrack interactively.

Guests can connect their playlists via Bluetooth, ensuring that their favourite tunes are part of the night’s festivities. To make the evening even more special, project images of the bride-to-be onto the big screen, adding a personalized touch to the vibrant setting. The atmosphere is further enhanced by a disco ball and sophisticated lighting effects, all set against the backdrop of our industrial venue. This unique location means there’s no need to hold back on volume—celebrate as loudly as you like without the worry of disturbing neighbours, making Benga Box the perfect spot for a spirited Hen’s Night.

Music for Hen's Night
Catering for Hen's Night

Self-Catering for Hen’s Night Parties

Benga Box is the ideal venue for hosting a self-catered Hen’s Night, offering everything needed to tailor the celebration to your exact preferences. The venue boasts a large drinks fridge and portable serving tables equipped with ice buckets, making it easy to keep beverages chilled and accessible throughout the event. The flexibility to bring in outside caterers allows you to design a menu that perfectly fits the theme of the night, from sophisticated cocktails and delicate canapés to luxurious chocolate treats.

This flexibility not only ensures that the food and drink are exactly as you envision but also allows a personal touch that makes the evening even more special. Whether you’re aiming for elegance or a more relaxed vibe, Benga Box provides the facilities and freedom to create a memorable, bespoke Hen’s Night tailored just for you and your guests.

Retro Dance Floor Hire for Engagement Parties

Make your Hen’s Night unforgettable with the exclusive retro dance floor available for hire at Benga Box. Designed to add a splash of vibrant fun to your celebration, this unique feature, only available at Benga Box, brings a nostalgic yet modern twist to any party.

The dance floor pulses in time with the music, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere that invites everyone to get up and dance. It’s not just a dance floor; it’s an interactive experience that lights up in various colours and patterns, perfectly syncing with the beats and rhythms of your chosen playlist. Whether you’re grooving to timeless classics or the latest hits, this retro dance floor will ensure your Hen’s Night is filled with energy, excitement, and unforgettable moments.

Retro Dance Floor Hire for Engagement Parties
Hen's Night Photo Booth Hire

Photo Booth Hire for Hen’s Night Party

At Benga Box, enhance your Hen’s Night Party with the fun and interactive addition of a photo booth. Photo booths provide instant keepsakes for you and your guests, perfect for capturing the joy and excitement of your celebration. With a variety of props and backdrops, you can create playful, memorable photos that reflect the spirit of the occasion.

The booths are easy to use and add an element of laughter and creativity to your party, ensuring everyone has a fantastic time. Whether it’s striking a pose with the bride-to-be or snapping hilarious group shots, hiring a photo booth at Benga Box offers a delightful way to preserve the memories of your special night. A number of photo booth options are available. Ask Us For Details.

Decorative Frame Hire for Hen’s Night Parties

Add a touch of glamour to your Hen’s Night at Benga Box with our decorative frame hire, perfect for enhancing your party’s photo opportunities. Available in various shapes, including popular options like round and arch frames, these structures are illuminated with vibrant neon light colours, creating a striking backdrop for photos and selfies.

The glowing frames not only elevate the visual appeal of your event space but also provide a fun and engaging element that guests will love. Positioned strategically around the venue, they invite guests to capture beautiful, Instagram-worthy moments throughout the celebration. Whether you’re snapping group shots or solo portraits, these illuminated frames add a memorable flair to every photograph, making them an essential feature for any Hen’s Night at Benga Box.

Hen’s Night Party Venue Brisbane
Hen’s Night Party Venue Brisbane

Party Partners for Hen’s Night Party

Elevate your Hen’s Night at Benga Box by hiring our exclusive party partners, including the option of a pop-up food cart that adds a unique and delightful flair to your celebration. Perfect for serving everything from gourmet finger foods to hearty burgers, these food carts provide a flexible and fun dining experience that complements the festive atmosphere of your party.

As guests mingle and enjoy the evening, they can indulge in delicious, freshly prepared eats that are both convenient and incredibly satisfying. The presence of a pop-up food cart not only enhances the overall ambiance but also takes care of your catering needs in a stylish and memorable way, ensuring that your Hen’s Night is as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.

How Far In Advance Should I Book a Hen’s Night Party Venue?

When organising a Hen’s Night, the responsibility typically falls to the maid of honour, often with assistance from the bridesmaids. With the bride already managing a plethora of wedding preparations, she usually isn’t involved in the details of the Hen’s Night—though it’s wise to subtly find out her preferences and boundaries beforehand, especially when it comes to the style of entertainment. Traditionally, the cost of the Hen’s Night is shared among the attendees, including covering any expenses for the bride so she can enjoy her special night without financial concerns. The guest list generally includes the bride, all her bridesmaids, and a close circle of friends, usually women.

For those planning a Hen’s Night, timing is crucial. If you’re aiming for a weekend event, it’s advisable to book your venue at Benga Box at least 3-4 months in advance due to higher demand. You might find more flexibility for a midweek celebration, potentially requiring less advance booking. Early planning ensures that you secure the perfect spot for a memorable night.

How To Book Your Hen’s Night Party Venue Brisbane

Booking your hen’s night party venue at Benga Box is a breeze with our user-friendly online booking system. Simply search for available dates to find the one that suits your celebration. Once you’ve chosen your date, fill out the online form to secure your booking. Additionally, you can enhance your party by reserving extra features like an illuminated dance floor or decorative frames for a stunning photo wall.

If you wish to view the venue before making your decision, we welcome you to contact us to schedule a visit. This way, you can ensure that the Benga Box meets all your expectations for your special day.

Security For Your Hen’s Night Party 

Security for your hen’s night party is optional unless you have more than 150 guests. If you would like to hire a security guard, simply choose this option when booking. You can also add this option at a later date.

Hen's Night Party Venue Bookings Brisbane

Getting to your Hen’s Night Party at Benga Box

Getting to your hen’s night party at Benga Box is easy, with multiple transport options available.

Hen's Night Party Venue Brisbane
Getting To Benga Box Hen’s Night Party Venue

By Car

Parties at Benga Box are easily accessible by car, with plenty of free street parking available. The Warehouse Hen’s Night Party Venue is located in Stafford and is approximately a 16-minute drive from Brisbane City via either the Airport Link Tunnel or Kelvin Grove Road.

If arriving from the North, access is easy via Gympie Road or Webster Road. From the south, simply follow the M3 to the Stafford Rd Exit. If you have visitors flying in for your 18th Party, the drive from the airport to the venue takes just over 10 minutes via the Airport Link M7.

Drop Off Area

Party guests can conveniently be dropped off and picked up at the main entrance to the venue, which is accessible directly from the street. The hen’s night party venue is a secure, gated venue with optional security.

Designated Driver

If you plan on having a few cocktails or drinks at our Benga Box Hen’s Night Party Venue and intend to drive, we recommend that you arrange a designated driver who will not consume alcohol. 

Parking is available close to the venue.

By Rideshare/Taxi

The Benga Box Hen’s Night Party Venue is easily accessible through Rideshare services such as Uber or Taxi. Many of our patrons get dropped off and catch an Uber home.

By Public Transport

Some public transport to Benga Box is available. The closest train station is Wilston Station, which has bus connections from there. Please be advised that public transport does not extend all the way to the venue, so some walking will be involved. Guests are advised to plan their journey carefully. Public transport may not be available at the conclusion of the event, especially if it finishes late.

Hen’s Night Party Venue Brisbane
Gated Warehouse Venue