Can I supply my own food and beverage?

Yes, we are a BYO drinks and Self-Catering venue.  You might like to consider using one of our catering partners, bar and food mobile services.

Do I need Security for my party?

Security is mandatory for 18th birthday parties, ticketed events and those over 150 patrons. The Benga Box will assist in booking security on the night. Additional hours of security is charged to the party hosts’ account to fully cover the event. This applies when parties run over the nominated duration in the booking form. This is at the discretion of the Benga Box management. 

Security can be booked through the venue from $275 / 5 hr and $55 / hr thereafter, should this be a requirement. This applies to 18th birthdays, all ticketed events and those over 150 patrons. Please discuss your security needs with the venue directly.

How do I conduct a site visit? 

There is a requirement to visit the site before your party. Site visits are available Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 9am – 5pm. Please contact the venue to make a booking. Other times are available by special arrangement only. Benga Box is a working factory during the week so the venue is not setup for a party.

Is Cleaning included in the venue hire?

Basic cleaning fee is included in the venue hire. This includes sweeping and mopping the floor and cleaning the toilets. Please leave the venue free of any obstructions so the cleaner can easily proceed with the basic clean. It does not include extraordinary cleaning such as broken glass, paper towels or toilet paper on the floor, and blocked and filthy toilets should someone be sick. Equipment is provided to assist with any clean-up required during the party.

Who handles Third party suppliers and item drop off and pickups?

Any third party supplier involved in your event must drop off items after noon on the day of your event. The party host must meet the supplier on site to unlock the venue for delivery.

For item pick up, the supplier must pick these items up the next day prior to 12 noon. Should this not be possible it is the party hosts responsibility to remove the item and arrange the supplier to pick up from their home address. No items can be left on the premises until Monday morning for collection.

Are food trucks accepted?

Food trucks with an appropriate on-street operating licence can park on the street across the driveway of the Benga Box. We provide custom made barriers from the gate to the food truck. A 10amp power point is available. Please discuss this with the venue directly.

When can we access the venue for set up?

“Access” is from 12 noon on the event day and “pack down” is on the night at the conclusion of the party. Additional venue hire charges apply after 3am.

Is the venue air-conditioned?

Yes the venue is insulated and has an evaporative air-conditioning system and two large industrial fans available which keep the warehouse cool.

Can I host a party if I’m under the age of 21 years old?

There is a requirement, at least two responsible adults over 21 years of age, have provided licence and contact details to Benga Box.  They must be present throughout the entire event. School Posts require special conditions and more adult supervision.

What AV equipment is included in the venue hire?

  • TV Screen (9 panels – 3.8m x 2.2m)
  • 4x 15” front of house loud speakers
  • 2x 15” foldback loud speakers
  • 4x 15” sub woofers
  • Microphone

What is the venue capacity?

  • 200 stand up
  • 115sqm undercover in a warehouse environment
  • 50sqm outdoor driveway

What time can I access the venue?

  • Bump In from 12 noon
  • Bump out at the conclusion of the event. Additional venue hire charges apply after 3am.
  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday eve

What is included in the venue hire?

  • 1600l Double Glass Door Fridge (1.5m wide)
  • 2 x Custom Built Tables with ice boxes (2.7m x 1.2m) 
  • 10 x Tall Bar Rounds
  • 50 stools (40x high and 10x low)
  • AV equipment
  • DJ Box
  • crowdDJ
  • Smoke Machine, Laser Lights, Disco lights, Mirror Ball
  • Fairy Lights outside
  • Overhead Table sign box – 891mmW x 420mmH (3 x A3 portrait size panels)

What entertainment can we have at the venue?

The Benga Box is set up for bands, DJs’ or simply stream music thru crowdDJ or your mobile phone.  As there is no wi-fi at the venue you will need to use your own data to stream your music by connecting via Bluetooth.

What does a DJ need to know about the venue?

We have a permanent DJ Box setup with XLR, TRS and RCA connections and variations of inputs and outputs. DJ’s must supply their own Deck.

How can I play a slideshow from my laptop?

You can easily screen a slideshow of all your most memorable moments by using a USB connecting thru our onsite tablet. 

Is there wifi connection?

No, there isn’t wi-fi connectivity at the venue. 

Is there parking at the venue?

Yes, there is plenty of free on-street parking available.

What are the toilet Facilities?

We have two Uni-sex toilets and a two urinals on-site.

How should we leave the premises?

All rubbish, decorations and food and beverage must be removed from the premises.  It must be left the way you found it. Pack down and clean up must be undertaken at the conclusion of your party.

Where can we dispose of our rubbish?

Wheelie Bins are provided for all bottles, food and any decorations adjacent to the front gate of the Benga Box.

Are there rubbish bins inside the venue?

10 x rubbish bins with liners are provided inside the venue for your guests use.

When do we need to pack down the event?

Pack down and clean up must be undertaken at the conclusion of your party. Additional venue hire charges apply after 3am.

Is smoking allowed at the venue?

Benga Box by law does not permit smoking inside the venue.  There is an outside smoking area for your convenience.

Is there any facility to heat up food?

Yes, a microwave is available within the kitchenette.  The serving tables have power points for any further equipment you bring.

Is there any facility to clean dishes?

Yes a sink with hot and cold water is supplied for washing up. BYO Dishwashing detergent!

Can I have confetti at my party?

Confetti is allowed however the party host must clean this up prior to leaving the venue. It is deemed a special clean incurring additional charges should this be unattended.