60th Birthday Party Venue Brisbane

60th Birthday Party Venue Brisbane

Benga Box is a unique 60th birthday party venue in Brisbane for hosting 60th birthday celebrations, set within a tastefully converted warehouse adorned with music memorabilia. This unusual venue effortlessly adapts to any event, whether a tranquil daytime gathering or a grand evening affair. It offers a range of possibilities from formal, sophisticated soirees to relaxed, intimate parties, complete with the option of full-service catering or personalised, do-it-yourself setups.

The venue is furnished with top-of-the-line facilities, including an advanced sound system, a substantial 3.8m by 2.2m television screen for dynamic visual displays, a professional DJ booth, and the Crowd DJ App for tailoring music selections to fit the ambience of your event. With its BYO option and private location, Benga Box ensures an exclusive and memorable setting for celebrating this significant milestone with loved ones. Our unique party venue is open until 3.00am.

BYO 60th Birthday Party Venue Brisbane

Benga Box in Brisbane presents an exquisite setting for 60th birthday festivities, enhanced by a BYO option that permits hosts to offer selected beverages. The venue boasts a substantial 1600-litre, twin-door commercial refrigerator and stylish portable tables equipped with ice buckets, ensuring that drinks are served chilled to perfection. For added convenience, guests may opt for external catering or bar services, with possibilities including mobile bars, beer kegs, and sophisticated drink options like classic espresso martinis or fine whiskey, adding a personalised flair to your distinguished event.

Contact Us with your specific questions and to book a venue inspection.

Unique 60th Birthday Party Venue

Benga Box provides a refined venue for 60th birthday celebrations, marked by its relaxed ambience and spacious design. This extensive warehouse venue effortlessly accommodates various event configurations, from dining setups and bar areas to dance floors, ensuring a memorable atmosphere for such a significant occasion.

The venue boasts both indoor and outdoor spaces richly decorated with music memorabilia. Guests can enjoy al fresco dining in the charming Album Laneway or opt for indoor dining amid the festive lights and lively party atmosphere.
Contact Us to arrange an inspection.

BYO 60th Birthday Party Venue Brisbane
60th Birthday Party Venue Brisbane

Benga Box is the premier choice for hosting 60th birthday parties, featuring a distinctive warehouse setting that can be elegantly tailored for both indoor and outdoor celebrations. Such milestone events typically gather diverse age groups—from close family, including children and grandchildren, to discerning friends and colleagues. This venue is superbly equipped to cater to all festivities, with amenities including a raised DJ booth, a large visual display screen, and a premium sound system. Hosts can choose to hire a professional DJ or band or customise the ambience with the Crowd DJ App.

The Benga Box venue promotes active guest engagement by offering song selection through QR codes distributed around the space. Live karaoke and various themed playlists enhance the entertainment, aligning perfectly with any preferred party atmosphere. Guests can also delve into the venue’s array of music memorabilia and album covers, enriching the celebratory experience. With designated spaces for dancing and revelry as well as quieter areas for conversation and reconnection, Benga Box ensures a fully immersive and enjoyable event for all attendees.

How to Make Your 60th Birthday Party Special

Celebrating a 60th birthday transcends merely hosting a party—it’s a celebration of lifelong relationships, personal achievements, and memorable moments shared with family and friends. It’s a time for loved ones to come together in a lively and joyful setting where they can dance, relax, and truly embrace the festivities.

Benga Box is perfectly suited for such significant milestones, with a venue designed to enhance every aspect of your celebration. Its adaptable space is ideal for dancing and socialising, while personalised touches ensure that each event is distinct and memorable. The venue accommodates all age groups, making sure there’s something enjoyable for every guest.

The Benga Box team is committed to bringing your vision to life, offering creative recommendations for party partners and providing guidance based on your guest list. 

Benga Box is dedicated to ensuring your 60th birthday is an unforgettable event.

Music for Your 60th Birthday Party

Celebrate your 60th birthday in style with a professional DJ, or take the reins at the DJ booth to spin your favourite tunes during your special celebration.

Included in your venue hire at Benga Box, the DJ booth is ideally equipped for you to show off your disco moves and set the perfect mood for your milestone event.

Benga Box offers pre-curated playlists filled with popular hits, and guests can also interact with the music selection via Crowd DJ.

For a more personalised touch, you’re welcome to connect your own playlist or device to our sound system via Bluetooth, allowing you to customise the soundtrack of your party to your exact preferences.

If you prefer live music, Benga Box warmly welcomes live bands to enhance the festive spirit of your celebration.

60th Birthday Party Music Brisbane
60th Birthday Party Venue Brisbane

Self-Catering for 60th Birthday Parties

Benga Box allows you to supply your own food for your 60th birthday celebration.

Finger foods and treats are excellent choices for such an occasion. Arrange platters, charcuterie boards and salads for effortless snacking.

Additionally, you can use our on-site BBQ to prepare delicious barbecued nibbles. If you prefer not to handle the cooking yourself, you’re welcome to engage an external catering service.

Our mobile serving tables can be conveniently placed throughout the venue, enhancing the party’s festive feel with their stylish appearance.

If you don’t want to cater the party yourself, explore our party partners for fully catered options.

Ask Us For Self-Catering Details.

Band Hire for 60th Birthday Parties

If you are a bit of a muso or prefer live music,  Band Hire for your 60th Birthday party is a wonderful way to set the mood and encourage your guests to get up and boogie on the dance floor. Bands are welcome to bring in their own equipment and sound system or plug into Benga Box’s state-of-the-art sound system.

Feel free to Contact Us for some suggestions and details to book a band for your 60th Birthday Party.

Band Hire 60th Birthday Party Venue Brisbane
Dance Floor Hire 60th Birthday Party Venue Brisbane

Retro Dance Floor Hire for 60th Birthday Parties

Benga Box’s Retro Dance Floor adds exciting fun to your 60th birthday party. This distinctive option, unique to Benga Box, enhances any event space rental with a splash of vibrancy.

The dance floor features twelve individual panels, each 1m x 1m, configurable into a generous 2m x 6m layout.

This throwback feature infuses your celebration with a vintage charm and provides a fabulous area to carve up the dance floor. It ensures your party captures an unforgettable, dynamic atmosphere, making it extra memorable.

Contact Us for details and ask us about our smoke machine.

Illuminated Frame Hire for 60th Birthday Parties

Illuminated Frames add colour and help create a party atmosphere. They are also a great setting for photos of all your guests at your 60th Birthday party.

Benga Box has a number of different illuminated frames and numbers for hire in different colours and shapes.

You can easily reserve them when completing your online booking.

Light Hire 60th Birthday Party Venue Brisbane
60th Birthday Party Venue Brisbane

Party Partners for your 60th Birthday Party

Take advantage of one of our party partners for your next 60th Birthday Party.

Some of our party partners have unique food trucks that look great at our venue. 

BBQ burgers provide a wholesome meal for your guests, are convenient, and are perfect for casual dining.

Food trucks can easily be set up in our outdoor area or at the main entrance.

Ask Us For Details

Party Photos for Your
60th Birthday Party

Commemorate your 60th Birthday Party with photos. 

Some ideas include:

  • Decorating the venue with photos from the past.
  • Compile a digital album to display on a big screen.
  • Include a photo booth for instant keepsakes from the party. 
  • Hire a photographer to capture all the fun from your 60th birthday party – particularly ideal for themed birthday parties.
60th Birthday Party Venue Brisbane

How Far In Advance Should I Book a 60th Birthday Party Venue?

Finding a 60th birthday celebration venue in Brisbane can prove difficult, especially for those who wait until the last minute to make arrangements. Weekends are peak times for such events, often filling up three to six months ahead. The demand spikes during key periods like Christmas, school formals, and holidays, when bookings may need to be made even further in advance.

However, opting for a midweek celebration on a Wednesday or Thursday could ease this pressure, as these dates typically don’t fill up as quickly.

Keep in mind that if you’re planning to hire external caterers or entertainers, their schedules also need to be considered. Booking your venue early secures your spot and increases the chances of engaging your preferred party partners for the celebration.

If the evening you want is unavailable, you can take advantage of our recently opened Sunday Sessions on Sunday afternoons. Contact Us for details.

How To Book Your 60th Birthday Party Venue Brisbane

Booking your 60th birthday party venue is easy via our online booking system.

Search for availability to find your preferred date. Then, fill out the online form to secure your booking.

You can also book additional items, such as an illuminated dance floor or frames for a photo wall.

If you would like to arrange an inspection of the venue prior to booking, simply Contact Us to arrange an appointment.

Security For Your 60th Birthday Party Venue

Security is optional for 60th birthday parties. However, if it is a ticketed event or the number of people is over 150, you will need to hire security. Security can be selected when booking your 60th birthday party online.

Book 60th Birthday Party Venue Brisbane
Getting to 60th Birthday Party Venue Brisbane
Getting To Benga Box 60th Birthday Party Venue

Getting to your 60th Birthday Party at Benga Box

Getting to your 60th birthday party at Benga Box is easy, with multiple transport options available.

By Car

Parties at Benga Box are easily accessible by car, with plenty of free street parking available. The 60th Birthday Party Warehouse Venue is located in Stafford and is approximately a 16-minute drive from Brisbane City via either the Airport Link Tunnel or Kelvin Grove Road. If arriving from the North, access is easy via Gympie Road or Webster Road. From the south, simply follow the M3 to the Stafford Rd Exit. If you have visitors flying in for your 60th Party, the drive from the airport to the venue takes just over 10 minutes via the Airport Link M7.

Drop Off Area

Party guests can conveniently be dropped off and picked up at the main entrance to the venue, which is accessible directly from the street. The 60th party venue is a secure, gated venue with optional security for 60th birthday parties.

Designated Driver

If you plan on having a few cocktails or drinks at our Benga Box 60th Party Venue and intend to drive, we recommend that you arrange a designated driver who will not consume alcohol. 

Parking is available close to the venue.

By Rideshare/Taxi

The Benga Box 60th Party Venue is easily accessible through Rideshare services such as Uber or Taxi. Many of our patrons get dropped off and catch an Uber home.

By Public Transport

Some public transport to Benga Box is available. The closest train station is Wilston Station with bus connections from there. Please be advised that public transport does not extend all the way to the venue, so some walking will be involved. Guests are advised to plan their journey carefully. Public transport may not be available at the conclusion of the event, especially if it finishes late.