Stafford Heights Party Venue Hire

Stafford Heights Party Venue Hire

Benga Box warehouse party venue offers exceptional convenience for Stafford Heights residents on Brisbane’s NorthSide. Located just a five-minute drive away from Benga Box, it is an ideal choice for those seeking a distinctive party venue. Benga Box’s flexible BYO policy for drinks and catering and its industrial ambience provide hosts with significant planning freedom. These features have made Benga Box a popular choice among Stafford Heights locals.

Party Venues in Stafford Heights

With limited dining options and even fewer party venues in Stafford Heights, Benga Box is especially appealing. Benga Box Party Hire offers all-night availability, with standard hire extending until 3:00 a.m. These extended hours make it a favoured option for after-parties following school formals, sporting events, and even wedding receptions.

Self Catering Party Venues in Stafford Heights

Self-catering flexibility is rare among Stafford and Stafford Heights party venues, but Benga Box is a notable exception. There are no extra charges for self-catering at Benga Box; in fact, we fully support it. Our venue hire comes with equipment such as a large drinks fridge and mobile serving tables placed throughout the venue to assist with your food arrangements. Additionally, you can rent our large BBQ or bring in external caterers for your event. Partygoers from Stafford Heights can stock up on supplies from local Woolworths or Aldi, saving significantly on professional catering costs. Alternatively, you can take advantage of Benga Box’s Party Partners to assist with food and catering at the venue.

BYO Venue Hire in Stafford Heights

Benga Box is unique among party venues in Stafford by allowing guests to bring their own drinks and food without incurring extra fees. Stafford Heights guests can purchase their beverages from BWS in Stafford City or nearby supermarkets and store them in our large 1600-litre drinks fridge. Additionally, we offer two illuminated serving tables complete with ice buckets. Whether you choose to bring your own food and drinks or hire outside caterers, the choice is yours.

Birthday Party Venue Hire in Stafford Heights

Benga Box, located just 3 km from Stafford Heights, stands as the top choice for party venues in the area. Renowned for its versatile hire options and vibrant atmosphere, it appeals to guests of all ages with its unique music memorabilia. Essential elements for a memorable birthday celebration—great food, good company, and fantastic music—are all expertly catered to at Benga Box. The venue boasts a state-of-the-art sound system, Crowd DJ capability, Illuminated Numbers, Retro Dance Floor Hire, and a distinctive warehouse setting. Its highly flexible BYO options also make it an unparalleled venue for any celebration.

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Warehouse Venue Hire in Stafford Heights

Organising an unforgettable party near Stafford Heights is a breeze with Benga Box. This expansive warehouse venue is perfect, offering plenty of space for guests, a dance floor to dance the night away, no worries about bothering neighbours, and the flexibility of bringing your own food and drinks. Benga Box is uniquely positioned to benefit Stafford Heights residents, being close to Brisbane City and major northern arterials for easy access while remaining far enough away to ensure privacy and freedom from noise restrictions.

Distance from Stafford Heights to Benga Box Party Venue

Benga Box is only 3km from Stafford Heights by car via Webster Rd. You can also travel to Benga Box via Appleby Rd, which typically takes around 6 minutes. The convenient proximity of Benga Box to Stafford Heights and the Northern Suburbs is a significant draw factor for Stafford Heights residents planning a warehouse venue party.

Public Transport Options From Stafford Heights to Benga Box Party Venue

Getting to Benga Box from Stafford Heights is easy via public transport. From Appleby Road at Stafford Heights, you can catch a number of buses, including the 345, 335, 325, and 346. The 346 is the most direct and takes about 10 minutes to reach the Webster Rd stop near Benga Box. The area is also serviced by taxis and Uber.

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Stafford Heights Suburb Profile

Stafford Heights in Queensland is predominantly a residential suburb north of Brisbane City, popular with young families due to its quiet neighbourhood, proximity to schools, daycare centres such as the Stafford Heights Kindergarten and sporting facilities such as the Stafford Squash Centre. With so many families in Stafford Heights, parties are a regular event, especially for milestone events for both family and extended family members. Benga Box is approximately 3km from Stafford Heights, so it is hardly surprising that it is a popular party destination for all kinds of occasions.